I am walking through a building where I reach two large doors. I push them with all my force and they open onto Beath playing fields. On the grass is an extremely large bookcase full of encyclopaedia’s. I stand still and watch two women, both of which are bare breasted. They are standing on top of the bookcase attempting to thread a balloon over some telephone wires. One of them calls out to me: “Thread the balloon for me while I put some clothes on.” I agree although it was more difficult than I envisaged. Therefore when she returns she orders me to start again. Instead of attempting it again I run around a football pitch, although I become tired extremely quickly. I hear the woman call out: “You need to speed it up!” I reply: “This is the pace I always run at.” Which was a blatant lie. Instead of completing a second lap of the football pitch, I decide to run in a straight line toward my house. The reason for which appears to be due to the size of the women’s breasts, which were overwhelmingly threatening. I am now in my house.

This dream from now on is influenced by my mind disguising my need to urinate.

I walk into the toilet but instead of relieving myself in the normal manner I urinate on a pile of newspapers on the floor. This goes on for some time until the woman from the playing field walks into my house uninvited. I follow her into the bedroom and offer her some rotten grapes from a chocolate box that was hidden in a drawer. I am surprised when she eats one as it was only meant as a joke. Another woman who appears to be living with me joins us. This other woman also eats a rotten grape from the box. We stand for a while discussing the two feminists who once lived in the house. Apparently they killed their male roommate. My urinating is about to start up again so I enter the bathroom and close the door.