Remembering Dreams

Sexsomnia (Sleepsex)

Dream Journal Entry: 7th October 2009

I find myself in a science museum or old university. It is a large building with many rooms and floors. It appears to be an open day and people are able to wander the building freely. I am climbing black and white tiled steps when I realise I should have taken my bag ( I believe I have left it in my previous lecture). I wander around looking for the

Quantitative Approach to Dreams: Schneider & Domhoff

Schneider & Domhoff take a statistical and objective approach to the study of dreams. Individual dream reports are collected in sleep laboratories, college classrooms or from individuals who are keeping a dream journal for personal reasons. The dreams are not interpreted but are analysed using a content analysis system that was originally developed by Calvin Hall in order to find consistencies. Domhoff advises that 100-120 dream reports in each sample

Pigman Series Update

Dream Journal Entry: 17th November 2000

I was standing on a country road at a river bank. The grass was the normal green but it was more intensified than normal. I am extremely conscious of the tree behind me. There was a girl on the other side of the road. I wave to her. As I wave she lay down on the grass and fell asleep. I notice that there is a pile of clothes behind