Remembering Dreams

Dream 21st July 2011

Dream 18th July 2011

Dream 22nd June 2011

Dream 3rd April 2011

Dream 26th March 2011

Dream 13th March 2011

Dream 12th March 2011

Dream : 28th February 2011

Dream 23rd February 2011

Dream : 19th February 2011

Dream 14th February 2011

Dream: 2nd February 2011

Dream: 1st February 2011

Dream: 31st January 2011

Dream: 30th January 2011

Dream: 28th January 2011

The Colour of Dreams

Un Chien Andalou (1928)

Dreams and Depression

Sexsomnia (Sleepsex)

Dream Journal Entry: 7th October 2009

I find myself in a science museum or old university. It is a large building with many rooms and floors. It appears to…

Quantitative Approach to Dreams: Schneider & Domhoff

Schneider & Domhoff take a statistical and objective approach to the study of dreams. Individual dream reports are…

Pigman Series Update

Pigman Series – Part 3

New Images: Pigman Part 2

The Same Old Same Old

Dream Journal Entry: 17th November 2000

I was standing on a country road at a river bank. The grass was the normal green but it was more intensified than…