In June 2009 I recorded a total of 22 dreams. The most dreams I recorded in one day was four on 14th June. The longest dream report recorded was 749 words on 13th June, the shortest was 47 words on the 19th June. The average length of a dream report was 316 words.

In terms of dream characters, animals appeared in six of the dreams (27%) while insects only appeared in one dream. Along the way I interacted with a total of 66 human characters. 55% of the characters were friends or people I recognised, 45% of the characters were unknown strangers. Of these 66 human characters, 53% were male and 47% were female. Only 1 person I encountered was dead in real life.

10 dreams involved some sort of violence or aggression (45%). 5 dreams featured a TV (23%) and I became lucid only once.