I find myself standing in amongst a crowd of people. We all appear to be waiting on the set of a photo or film shoot. However, it could in fact be an audition for something as it is not clear why I am here. It seems each person has to walk forward from the crowd and pose in a group photo. I watch the person to my left walk and pose in the group photo however I refuse.

I now find myself sitting with a different group of people and recognise a woman who I used to share a flat with in Sydney. I ask the woman if she recognises me however she does not. I then explain how I came to know her as we met over seven years ago. She now seems to recognise me. I tell her that I saw her earlier that day in London working on a set for the BBC. She seems confused but acknowledges it was her.

I now find myself in a public park in Cowdenbeath watching Noel Edmonds urinating against a bush.

Dreaming Location: Skye IV55