I find myself in my parents house watching a pornographic music video on a computer in the hallway. My parents are in the next room and as the door is wide open could easily walk out and catch me out. The video does not seem to show any gratuitous sex scenes but is full of people in masks dancing. However, my mind perceives this as sexual and I become aroused.

Later I find myself in a public park with R. We are walking but as I turn to speak to her she runs away. This continues for a while as every time I get close enough to speak she runs a few yards in front. I decide to leave her in the park and go back to the house on my own and put on some tracksuit bottoms. I open a cupboard and find a shoebox containing key rings and some form of liquid in small plastic tubs. I attach one of the key rings and tubs of liquid to my car keys and leave the house. I get into my car and go in search of R. I finally find her half way down the hill in a coffee shop which also appears to be someone’s house. I surprise her but she grabs an extra cup for myself and we sit down. After a short while, we walk to the back of the house into the garden where is a swimming pool and sunbathing area although it appears to be too cold to sunbathe. After a while I discover that I am sitting next to the third member of the Ting Ting’s. I do not recognise her but I see her sign a Ting Ting’s record and assume she must be a new member of the band.

A little later still I find myself speaking to someone from Monaco about their job and also if they earn a lot more money than if they were working in the UK. The man tells me he does not pay any tax however he does not disclose how much he earns.

I wander upstairs and find J. lying in bed hungover. There seems to be a lot of Xmas trees stacked up in the corner of the room for no apparent reason. There is also a girl in the room sitting on a chair in the corner. She tells me that J has now reconciled his relationship with N.

I now find myself back in my Edinburgh flat. I hear the doorbell go so I answer it. I am confronted by two elderly men who have come to visit me. I invite them in. One of the men seems familiar although I cannot be sure. However, both of the men appear to know me quite well as one of them gives me a gang style handshake. We all sit down in the living room to watch the TV but there seems to be an awkward silence.

Dreaming Location: Skye IV55