I find myself in public park. I turn around and notice a bridge. On the left hand side support the numbers 2 and 4 have been written in white paint. On the right hand side the number 2 has been written. This appears to be a code. A woman walks toward me. She was hiding under the bridge but was startled by our presence. I become anxious and decide to start running in the opposite direction. I become aware that I am not alone running and I am part of a group. One of the group seems to be a lot slower than the rest and I therefore hand her my bike which appears from nowhere. We all manage to escape without being harmed.

I now find myself on a mobile phone to a doctor however the details of the conversation are hazy.

I am now standing in a room listening to two people taking the piss out of someone who has recently died or has been injured. I become angry and agitated but I do not confront the two men.

Dreaming Location: Skye IV55