I find myself amongst mass panic and hysteria. There is an outbreak of some sort. People are being placed in quarantine. I am being ushered toward a security guard who examines my skin. He appears to notice blotches on my arms, however I somehow manage to convince him it is an unrelated skin problem. Therefore he lets me through to the safe area. The woman I am with decides to go back through the barrier to have a fight with another woman. She appears to be in a film which may involve vampires. I continue knowing that I may infect others.

I now find myself outside a golf shop. I pick up a Slazenger golf ball and walk in. I am surprised as the shop is quite bare and the owner seems to use it as an office as his desk is laid out in the middle of the floor. I insult the owner by asking him if this is a golf shop. I briefly look around but nothing really interests me. As I walk toward the back of the shop it seems to transfer into a record shop. I look through some records. As the owner approaches me, he offers to sell me agadoo and other similar records. However, eventually he decides to show me the best of his collection. He offers me a Led Zeppelin record and a triangle shaped skid row record.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Recorded Time: 7.00am