I am running barefoot at night in a park which later turns into a housing estate. I run past the back door of a house and notice Mr C. standing in the doorway with a blind man’s walking stick, although he does not appear to be blind.  Mr C recognises me therefore I stop to talk to him although I feel uncomfortable doing so. As we are talking Mr C begins to throw glass on the path in front of me which happens to be my exit route. I become anxious.

Mr C is joined by Mr R in the doorway. Mr R is infuriated by the fact I am there talking to Mr C.  Mr R becomes aggressive therefore I decide to leave avoiding the broken glass on the path. When I am clear of the house I suddenly find myself in a large railway station which seems to be interwoven with a public park and zoo. I start to run again as I appear to be desperate to catch a particular train although it is not clear where I am going. As I run I become aware that I am being surrounded by red birds which are swooping down and pecking my feet. I wake up.