I am apparently a magician or comedian giving a performance at a school or college. However, I took two co-codomol tablets before I went into the classroom which seems to be affecting my performance. I have to keep leaving the room to check my script which is lying on the floor outside the door. One of my acts involved stuffing a liverpoool football shirt under my jersey. However when I came to performing the trick I forgot what I was suppose to do therefore I just wandered around the room aimlessly with the pregnant hump to a chorus of boos from the students.

I also remember sitting in a room after the performance with a group of work colleagues. Suddenly, we are all blinded by green lasers shining through the windows. Later I find myself talking to Mr Mc. on a couch in the students union where we are discussing a film that was on the TV.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh