I find myself on holiday in Greece however the scenery is more Slovakia than Greece and the weather is disappointingly dull. I am walking down the street holding hands with R when my other hand is grabbed by Mr M.

Mr M. is apparently over in Greece working and he invites me in to meet his workmates. We walk in to the office reception but Mr M has changed into Mr C. I phone Mr C on his mobile even although I am standing right next to him. I grab as much food as possible from the buffet and leave.  I now find myself on a beach wearing socks. I notice there is a jukebox hidden in a concrete hole. There are stairs leading down so I walk down and put on some songs. I am embarrassed by my first song choice which appears to be pornographic and therefore choose my other songs wisely but quickly so I could leave before the first song comes on.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh