I am upstairs in the attic of a school or workplace. I appear to be starting a new job for Dundee United football club. I am standing listening to a manager or teacher talking when I turn to the person next to me and tell him the place is haunted. Somehow he is already aware of this. I continue talking and tell him that I used to live in the basement and that a poltergeist used to attack me everytime I went to the bathroom.  The man seems unfazed by my story and proceeds to tell me that he actually lives with a ghost but his ghost is friendly.

A little later I appear to be in a bed dreaming. In the dream someone tells me to place and advert in the newspaper so that I could meet a specific individual (the name escapes me). I wake from my dream and I am now standing at a bus stop with R near East End Park in Dunfermline. I get a phone call on my mobile. I recognise the caller as the same person who told me to place an advert in the paper. However, that was a dream. I panic as I dont understand what is happening. The voice says “Kevin, its ? we used to be drinking buddies in London 15 years ago”. I tell him I have never lived in London and I do not remember him. I then proceed to tell him that the only time I have met him is in a dream where he told me to place an advert in a newspaper. I put the phone down and walk with R. into a cottage that we seem to be renting. The cottage is eerie and may also be haunted.

I later find myself walking around Dunfermline with an older woman. She appears to be in her late 50’s and a retired teacher. The woman appears to be teaching me to write as we walk. The lesson consists of her showing me a street and getting me to write anything that comes into my head on the pavement in front of me. Then we would move to the next street and I would write a further paragraph. As we are walking she tells me this is a great way to discover my favourite painting. I look up at the sky and notice a beautiful glowing orange light. The light bathes the pavement that I am writing on.

I am now back at the school or workplace and notice that a woman is showering in the hallway. It appears to be Pamela Anderson in a red dress. I wake up.