I am standing outside a house. I remember a man in a field running toward me with a limp. He is looking for assistance as he has just injured his ankle. There is a woman behind him shouting “but his eyesight is fine”. I think back and realise that earlier in the dream I had a sore ankle and it could in fact be myself running toward me.

I am in a nightclub or social club with B. I am waiting in a queue to pay for into the cloakroom. There is a girl behind me trying to push in front of me which begins to annoy me. I can see B at the front paying the attendant. I therefore skip the queue and go straight to the attendant. I say: “can I pay for ticket 477.” The attendant tells me that the ticket has already been paid for by B. I walk away. I notice a doll lying on the floor as I go to pick it up it turns into a piece of toast.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 6.45am