I am cruising along in a campervan or minibus with two others. We appear to be friends. As I look out of the window I get the impression we are no longer in Scotland. I suddenly become aware that we are being watched as we drive along the road. I notice a camera hidden in a tree. One of the other passengers dismisses this and suggests it is quite common in Europe. We stop to camp near a beach. I notice a sign states “No Tin” therefore I become anxious about parking there.

A little later, I am in a pub which seems to be in Ireland. The other two are with me but we do not stay long as someone notices a wedding taking place outside on a barge. I follow the person (or myself) onto the barge. He is looking for someone and asks each guest where this person is (the name escapes me). When he eventually finds the man he lays into him and beats him up. However, none of the other guests seem to help the injured man or question what is happening.

I am now on my way back to the campervan but suddenly find myself in a large bed. There is also a woman in the bed. She appears to be younger than me. I notice she has all her possessions hidden under the covers. She may in fact be homeless. We wander around the house talking for a while then climb back in bed. The woman takes her shoes and trousers off and I notice she does not have any legs. It becomes clear that she was in an accident. She may also have been a man at some point in her life. I look over to the far side of the room and can see large glass fridge. There are bags and bags of large crab shaped rolls in the fridge. They all seem to have passed their sell by date.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Recorded Time: 7.10am