I have broken into a building or shop. The purpose of which is to try and replace an item in the shop’s window display. However, I realise that I am also there to steal a mannequin. The awkwardness of the dream takes over and I find it difficult to gain access. I manage to place a CD upright in the window from the outside. I think to myself that this act does not seem possible to me however I am soon distracted by the noise of others in the shop. I notice three other people are also trying to place items in the window display of the shop. After a brief discussion we all decide to join forces in an attempt to break the glass. This proves extremely difficult. We take a break and watch Rangers play Celtic on a large TV outside a pub. In the distance I can see a sign for Tbilisi and assume I must now be in Georgia.

A little later my father is hit with a baseball bat as someone attempts to break into our car. I grab the bat from him and chase him down the street. I recognise the person to be someone who drinks in the local pub Hectors. This is confirmed when someone hands me a printout with his details on it. I suddenly feel a wave of guilt as I realise we are still in the process of stealing from the shop.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Recorded Time: 7.00am