In hostel in Noosa sharing with F, M, S, P and I.

Today I had a dream I confused with reality or I had a reality I confused with a dream.

The earth was being invaded by aliens who are transported by a particular person on earth. The man is a rouge human however his identity remains a mystery throughout the dream.  The aliens are hard to identify as they assume human form as soon as they are beamed to earth.

There are parts of this dream that are memorable, the first is where myself M and F are sleeping in the same room (in reality we are). We have recently just been made aware of the alien invasion. I get up out of my bed (that I am sharing with F) for reasons unknown and look at my mobile phone.  I notice I have a text message from F who is telling me that she doesn’t want to leave this house/flat as she doesn’t believe we are in danger here.  From now on I become very suspicious of her and I believe her to be either an alien or she is at least helping their cause on earth by keeping us in this room.  I try to get back into my bed however F would not let me in. I would try and climb in one side and she would roll to that side stopping me from getting in.  This happened three or four times.  I remember thinking that I didn’t want to touch her because she may be an alien.  I am extremely annoyed and frustrated.

This is the strange part as I must have woke up at this point in the dream for a few seconds as in the morning I was told by people in my hostel room namely M and F that I had said (or shouted) aggressively to F who had just come back from the toilet and was getting back into bed “what are you doing?” and then went back to sleep. I must have consciously woke up and asked her “what she was doing” confusing my dream with reality.

Another memorable part was where I was in a chip shop or kebab shop similar to the golden grill in Cowdenbeath.  I was in a queue waiting to be served when someone in front of me said something rude to the staff.  I spoke up and said something to tell him off and in gratitude the woman behind the counter gave me a squeezable mini scooner (a midi I suppose) as a present.  The dream then advances to a point where the shop is closed and myself and the woman I have befriended are sitting on the floor and someone came up to us with a jar of coins.  We take the jar and pour all the coins over the floor however the amount in the small jar seemed to be endless and there were so many coins scattered across the floor.  We then decide to put them in this large bowl and as we do I realise I could join the coins together by pushing them together in the process making a sparkling multi-coloured sphere.  Everyone seems to be impressed by my creation.

The last part that I remember was the final sequence before I woke up.  I am in what can be described as a large escalator in a shopping centre where all the people here are trying to escape the aliens but are all made aware that the rogue human is somewhere in the vicinity. He has control of the escalators and is at the same time transporting aliens.  The escalator I am on with the kebab shop woman stops halfway from the end (freedom). Aliens start chasing me and climb up the halted escalator.  I try to escape up the escalator but it is far too steep to climb up.  The only way we could be saved is if we find the rogue human and put a stop to all this, he is underneath the escalator with all his controls – I wake up. The end.