I witness a man skateboarding or walking backwards on the other side of the road. I keep walking and now I can see someone in front of me in the distance wearing a green jacket. It appears to be a woman. She has her back to me and she is motionless. I am not sure if she is waiting on me. As I look around everyone seems to have their back turned to me.  I start to walk forward and transcribe this dream on a notepad as I walk. I go back to sleep.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 5.45am

I am walking along the street with R. and ST. We are discussing what we should do as it is now the weekend. R. suggests the cinema. We walk into a shop or a house. As I enter I notice that an ex-school teacher is standing in the hallway. It becomes apparent that I am much younger in this dream. I know it is lunchtime therefore I realise we will not be in trouble for being out of the school grounds. The three of us walk through to a room in the back where a free film is playing on a TV. It seems to be a large living room however I am aware that I am not in someone’s house.

There is an older man sitting on a couch parallel to the TV. He does not recognise us. I get angry as this is the second part of the film and I know I was here yesterday watching the first part. I sit opposite the man, while R. sits behind me. The man has grey or white hair and glasses. I try to convince the man that we were here yesterday. I do not get a reaction at first therefore I walk over to him and hit him hard on the face. I stand back and say “you know who we are, we were here yesterday. You know him (pointing), you spoke to me and you were staring at R’s tits all day”. The man reluctantly admits he knows us just as the film starts.

I am aware ST has transformed into a girl and there is also another younger man sitting on an armchair. He has been there all along however I only seem to catch him in the corner of my eye. R. is sitting behind me on an ironing board and complains that it is uncomfortable. I suggest she sit between me and the girl (previously ST). Someone appears to be sitting on the remote control as a box keeps appearing at the bottom of the TV screen. The volume also fluctuates. I am not sure what I am watching but the film seems to be in brown rather than in normal colours. My alarm goes off and I wake up.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 6.45am