I am casually walking down the street. I glance across to the other side of the road and spot M walking around in a circle. I cross the road to see what he is doing.  He is circling a fish which is flapping away on the kerb.  I warn him that he should not be circling fish in that manner as it is very dangerous.  He ignores my warning. When M finally stops for a rest the fish seizes its chance and bites him on the leg. M gives out a tremendous scream and falls to the ground. The fish scarpers away. I give chase.

It seems the fish is trying to get back to sea. I chase it all the way down to the harbour where I spot it jumping onto a cruise ship. I follow it onto the ship.  The fish is hiding. I realise that I must be careful as it is an extremely dangerous fish. I finally spot it and chase it into the living room area. Everybody in the room screams and jumps up onto the tables or chairs.  There is sheer panic aboard.  I tell everyone to calm down.  I look under all the chairs but can not find the slippery creature. I give up.

I leave the panic behind me and walk out the room towards the lifts.  There are two girls waiting at the lift door.  One has dark hair and is quite attractive in a strange sort of way.  The other is an ugly ginger.  As the lift door opens the ginger one jumps on me hauling me into the lift.  The door closes. She puts her arms around me and starts kissing me and says “I’ve been after you for so long”.

The lift door opens.  I look out and we have been taken out into the woods. I notice a house in front of us.  I suggest we move towards it.  We stop at the back of the house as I get a bit horny. I close my eyes and think of Scotland then get it on with the ginger.  We take off all our clothes.

The girl kneels on the ground and takes my penis with the intention of giving me a blow job. However she does not like the taste of it, she tries again but still she can not do it.  I take a condom out of my wallet but before I have a chance to put it on we are rumbled.  There is a man in the distance walking through the woods shouting at us.  I believe he is the owner of the house.  We start to get changed and as we do I spot another man moving towards us from the opposite direction, we panic.  I drop the condom and my wallet as I fumble to get dressed.  I pull up my trousers picking up my wallet at the same time and start to run. The girl drops her ring.  We stop and as I go to pick up the ring it turns into cockroaches. They all scarper in different directions.  We do the same.  As I was running I realise that I have left incriminating evidence behind.  I have left the stub of my airline ticket but I don’t go back.