I am standing waiting on the pavement with my mother and grandmother. My father is due to pick us up any minute. My phone rings and I answer it. It is my father, he tells me that something strange has happened to his van. The van is now a car and his left ear is connected to an aerial on the roof. As he is on the phone I hear a young child in the background. The child offers to climb onto the roof of the van (or car) and remove the aerial for him. This seems strange to me as my father is an aerial engineer. I receive another call on my phone. This time it is my sister. She tells me that she has just had a text from her father and he is coming to pick us up. I tell her I already know.

I look around and we seem to be standing on a bridge of some sort. It seems to be made out of glass as there is glass in front of me. I look down through the glass and I can see massive photographs on display. The photographs are not mine but are by an unknown photographer. The photographs seem to be revolving billboards. Each wall in the exhibition is moving, rotating and interweaving with the other walls. Back and forth. The photographs are impressive. One series in particular catches my eye. The photographs are of a couch, a white wall with soft toys or soft mannequins levitating above the couch. The toys or mannequins are wrapped in plastic. I think to myself this is the sort of thing I should be doing. Is it the sort of thing I am doing?

I can now see the photographer down below. He is giving a talk and explaining to the audience that his mother runs an Elvis themed bed and breakfast in Wales. He shows the audience a photograph of her. It is an impressive portrait full of vibrant reds and greens. In the photograph she is standing next to a couch with hundreds of ornaments on the wall behind her. I am unsure if the ornaments are Elvis memorabilia.

Finally, my father arrives. I wake up holding one of the photographs in my hand.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded : 6.40am
Notes: The colours in the dream were extremely bright and vivid. All the details in the dream were extremely clear especially the photographs.