I am living in flat above Peckhams in Stockbridge. I walk out onto the street and notice that there is an ambulance outside Costa Coffee. The paramedics are attending to a woman who is lying on the pavement. One of the paramedics runs over to me and asks if they can use the bed in my flat. Apparently, the hospital is full and they need a bed for the woman until a space becomes available. I reluctantly agree.

I lead them upstairs to my flat. As I walk up the stairs I get a vision of my bedroom. It is a mess. I cannot show them my room. Therefore, as I walk into my flat, I go into the spare room and make the bed. I turn around but the paramedics are not there. I assume they must have went into another flat in the block on the way up the stairs.

The events that follow may be in the wrong order:

I am now walking toward a football stadium with four others. I notice that there are a lot of people walking in the opposite direction. Most of them are naked men. It is strange as none of the men seem to have a penis and all I can see is pubic hair. One man walks past with no teeth. He starts shouting at the top of his voice. It is hard to make out what he is saying.

We suddenly stop and the other four jump into a wheelbarrow. One of them throws a bottle of orange juice at a large woman who is sunbathing on the grass fully clothed. Her husband gets up and the person who threw the bottle points over at me. I get angry. The man attacks me but I easily take care of him. I then jump into the wheelbarrow and start punching the culprit hard on the face. It is an extremely violent scene.

I now find myself amongst a crowd of people who are waiting on a bus. It appears to be a bus station but not quite. I put my rucksack on the ground and walk away. I come back a few seconds later to find the rucksack gone. I get angry and grab the person I think is responsible. I ask him to tell me where the rucksack is hidden. He will not speak therefore I punch him violently on the face. He seems to be able to take the punishment without resistance and will not admit he took the rucksack. I therefore get frustrated and give up.

I now find myself sitting in a car with R. As I look around there are also other people in cars. All the cars are convertibles and are parked close together. We are not the owners of the cars but seem to be looking after them. Someone in the car opposite receives a phone call. This person looks familiar and may be a work colleague. After the call is finished he tells us he has just received permission to dismantle the satellite or listening device that is located above us. I become confused. I watch as he climbs onto the car bonnet and grabs a small grey round dish from the lamppost. As he brings the dish down I can see that there is a helmet attached. He hands the dish and helmet to me. I do not put the helmet on but open up the visor and look inside. The technology inside seems advanced as there is breathing apparatus along with some digital controls. I notice a few hairs growing inside the helmet which repulses me.

I walk outside my house. However, this time I believe I am in Shotts. I may be a lot younger now. I look across the road and see a piece of wood. The wood starts to move so I walk closer. I quickly realise that it is in fact a snake which is camouflaged as a piece of wood. Someone behind me shouts “snake” which seems to alarm the snake. As I try to walk away the snake mimics my movements until eventually it leaps at me and attaches itself to my jacket. I manage to somehow take my off jacket and wrap the jacket around the snake without being bitten. I throw the jacket on the ground and run off.

I am now walking downhill with R. past a bus stop toward the sea. I think we are in San Francisco.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 9.20am