I appear to be in my own house in Stockbridge although the inside of the house has changed. It is dark outside. I look out the living room window and I can see a group of people in the street kicking and smashing cars as they walk. I seem to be peering through the blinds and quickly move back from the window when one of the men notices me. I quickly switch out the light but I notice another light is still on. I run over to a small lamp and switch it off. Although the blinds are closed I can still see the man outside. I watch as he picks up a large boulder and throws it through the window. I run up to the window and the man runs away.

I now find myself in a changing room in a sports hall. There is a washing machine in front of me. I open the washing machine and take out my clothes. Someone seems to have been sick on my scarf.

It is now 4pm and I am in a restaurant or pub. I am trying to figure out if my drinks were paid for or not.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 7.15am