I am walking down Cowdenbeath High Street. I have just finished work. I notice my Aunt on the other side of the street. I watch as she shouts across the street at the top of her voice. I become embarrassed. She is asking my cousin for keys. (note: This is because my cousin is standing in the position where a key cutters shop is normally located). As my Aunt crosses the road I call her name. She turns around but she doesn’t recognise me at first. I start talking to her and it becomes clear to her who I am. However, she is acting very strange. She keeps circling a car that is in front of me. I get the impression she thinks I am a crazed lunatic. I soon realise that it may be her that is crazy or even senile.

My cousin appears and we start walking together. I am also joined by my sister. We seem to be discussing my cousin’s birthday on 2 July (which is not the correct date). I think to myself that I am on holiday so I can’t attend.

We now are in a room. There is a large bed and a work colleague is at the top of the bed with his phone. My sister and cousin are at the bottom of the bed and I take up my position in the middle. Although the room looks like a bedroom it is in fact an office. I therefore become aware that I may be at work although everything is unfamiliar to me. A phone at the side of the bed rings so I pick it up. However, it gives off terrible feedback and so I unplug it. I decide to go in search of a new phone.

I walk into what could be the IT or support department. The girl I speak to is unable to help me however as she speaks to me, I seem to be moving away from her. I may be standing on some sort of rotating device. As I rotate around something touches my face. It feels like a branch or a twig. I stop rotating. I am now able to take a closer look. It appears to be a 5 foot high statue of Jesus made out of wood or straw. I am quickly distracted by the girl who tells me to go and find Alex. This Alex is on the top floor of the building. He will give me a phone. However, in this dream I am never able to get far on the stairs as every time I attempt to walk up the stairs a man walks down toward me with what appears to be a sphinx or small dinosaur/dragon. It could in fact be an armoured dog. The dog has a penchant for my shin and attacks me at every opportunity. Its bite is like a clamp around my shin and calf. The man however is able to control this beast and the dog or sphinx always releases its grip after a short while. I wake up and and I have pins and needles in my right calf.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 8.40am