I am assisting my father with his U-15’s football team. However, he does not seem to appreciate my help. He seems to think I haven’t been listening to him or getting the players to warm up properly. After he shouts at me for a while I end up sweeping the floor. A little later I am back at work.

Although I am at work again I am in unfamiliar surroundings. I seem to be in a large kitchen and my “team” are place as many empty cans or crisp packets in the cupboards as we can (note: these seems to represent faxes). I am now sitting on a chair in a semi circle with members of my family. I feel left out and isolated. I have not yet congratulated someone called Nikki on having twins. A woman sitting next to my mother hands me a phone and give me an opportunity to redeem myself by giving Nikki a call. I refuse. My mother and the woman start laughing. I walk over to my mother and pretend to embrace her but instead kick her on the shin. I walk away.

I seem to have been punished . Although I am in a massive building, I am now restricted to where I can go in the building. I seem to be walking back and forth up the same stairs and the same corridor. I catch a glimpse of Billy Connolly as he walks through a door. I become bored and go back to bed.

R is already in bed and I get in and decide to phone Nikki in order to congratulate her on having her twins . I still do not know who Nikki is, I am now outside and have my head on a wooden table.

I now seem to be a Manchester United player as I am on the phone to Alex Ferguson. I am trying to get him to send me some drugs to allow me to sleep. He refuses so I put the phone down.

I am now in a car or small bus with a few others. We are parked outside Will Smith’s house. I can see through his window and he is in the swimming pool with his family. He appears to be naked. The front door opens and an older man cycles out his house and quickly crashes down a hill. I get out the car and run over to help the man. I appear to be a lot older now or I may be a cameraman filming the dream. I put the old man’s arm around me and drag him into the house next door so that he doesn’t embarrass himself in front of Will.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 11.00am