I am on the top of a hill with J. and B. We are all lying on the ground looking up at the sky. I notice that the sky is a strange colour. Almost instantly the colour changes back to the normal blue. I jump up and tell the other dream characters that something isn’t right. However, they all appear disinterested and try to convince me that I am mistaken. As I look back at the sky it has changed again. It is now made up of hundreds of photographs. I hear myself say: wait a minute, this is a dream. I instantly become lucid and I am aware that I am dreaming. Suddenly, everything goes white and I have a blank canvas. I begin to fly in the dream but I don’t find it exciting. I think to myself that everyone flies in a lucid dream. I hesitate and try to think of something else to do. However, my mind goes blank and quickly lose control of the dream. I seem to ‘wake up’ within the dream and I look around and I am kneeling naked on the bathroom floor. I feel disorientated. I hear R’s voice and I look behind me. She is lying in bed. She asks me what I am doing. I cannot answer her as I don’t know how I got here. I climb back into bed.

I now find myself walking on a golf course toward the first tee. It is raining, so am I holding an umbrella while carrying my golf bag over my shoulder. I think to myself: I wish I didn’t have a membership as there is too much pressure on me to play golf. It would be better if I could just play whenever I am ready. I am joined at the tee by one of my fathers friends. I look in the distance and I can see my father getting out his car and talking to a female passer-by. He shortly joins us on the tee and I take out a Pro V golf ball from my bag. I hold it in my hand but realise that this is one of the balls I gave my father for his birthday therefore I change it to a massive oblong shaped golf ball.

The ball is around 50 times the size of a normal ball and wobbles on the tee. I play a reasonable four iron off the tee and watch as my ball shoots off down the fairway in an unusual motion and skids and bumps its way all the way up to the green. I knew it was an impossible shot but I accept it.

I become aware that I am no longer myself and I now seem to be a professional golfer who is playing in a tournament. I have scored a 29 on the front nine and I am being interviewed on TV. A caption is showing at the bottom of the TV screen “Shot of the day winner”. Apparently I holed a 29 yard bunker shot.

I am now sitting in the clubhouse and someone in the distance drops a pitcher of beer on the floor. I turn around and see a man wearing a bra walking away in the distance. I think to myself that doesn’t seem right. However, I do not question it any further as I am distracted as I can now see my father sitting opposite me. He is sitting on a couch with another woman. The woman may or may not be a professional golfer. He seems different and does not seem to be enjoying himself. He looks at the woman next to him and asks: Am I boring? I wake up.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 6.55am