I find myself in a large shopping cente. I walk into a shop which becomes a holiday resort with a beach and a swimming pool. There must be at least a hundred people around the pool enjoying their holiday. I look more closely at the surroundings and the foundations of the pool seem to be made up of human remains as there are bones and skulls everywhere. No one seems to be paying any attention to this but the swimming pool seems to have been built upon a site where a masacre may have occurred. I think to myself that I should have brought my camera but suddenly an emergency warning alarm goes off and dirty water or chocolate starts pouring in through the door. Everyone tries to get as high as they can. A woman starts throwing emergency gloves to everyone but tells me that I can’t have them as I am a Christian. I do not understand what she means but manage to escape back into the shopping centre.

I now find myself walking down a street with an unknown girl. An Alsastian dog runs up to the girl with a note in its mouth. The girl takes the note. A man then appears and tells the girl that the dog has just looked into her future and it is written on the note. We do not trust the man or believe the dog can tell the future so we ask the man to prove it. We walk into his shop and sit in front of a large computer screen. The man is showing us what he believes is our future on the screen. It seems to be just a film about cars on a street however I can clearly make out the number plates and one of them states:  H1A LOST.

We continue on our walk and a man points over to a building and advises us that we should be going there due to the emergency. I look over and it appears to be Queen Margaret University which I saw the previous day. I do not trust the man so I shake my head and continue walking.

I suddenly find myself lying on the grass having sex with the girl and another woman. The girl starts shouting stop throwing dirt on me. I can see that the ground is moving and something is coming up out of the ground. It is a glass building which is growing fast from the ground. There are people looking out staring at us. I think to myself that this is the film Inception and start to question what is happening but wake up.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 9.00am