I am in a hotel room or guest house. I am with R. We are lying in bed. I get a feeling that we are being watched and someone is filming us or spying on us.

I am now waiting to get into a lift and I am watching R pull the lever to switch on the fire alarm. I quickly run over and push the lever back. We get into the lift however the door will not close. I notice that there are two others in the left with us although I do not recognise them. One of them is an older man and there is also a middle aged woman. They do not seem to know each other. We talk for a short while to figure out a way to close the door of the lift. Suddenly the lift moves but instead of going up the lift moves sideways along a railway track. We all hang on for dear life. I can see a group of people in the distance they are standing on the tracks however our lift misses them and we come to an abrupt stop. I get out of the lift and look back. There is a steam train heading toward the group of people. I shout for them to move. They all move off the track except one man who stands there staring in the direction of the oncoming train. I look away as the train hits him. When I look back the man seems uninjured and the train seems to have passed through him.

A little later I walk into a toy shop or newsagents. S is working behind the counter. He notices me and walks over. I seem to be wearing sunglasses although I realise that I do not need them. I start to read a newspaper while still wearing the sunglasses. S sits down next to me. I tell him that I have been away at a meeting with work and I am now just wasting time as I don’t want to go back too early. After a while I decide it is time to go back to work.

Although I was on my way back to work I find myself standing in a garden which is overlooking Celtic Park. The garden seems to belong to S. I realise that I am actually going to a match at the ground however this is not until much later on in the day. I suggest to S that I should just stay at his house until the match starts. I thinks this is a good idea however for some reason I still have the feeling that I must be at work so I shake S’s hand. He seems to stumble and I realise that the ground must be icy. I make my way back to work.

I am now at my parents house although it is not familiar. My mother appears and opens the fridge in front of me. She tells me that she is now taking vitamins once a day. She hands me a bottle which for some reason has my name on the label. I walk upstairs as I am now ready to leave. I grab as many clothes as I can and make my escape out of the bathroom window.

Some time later I find myself lying on a couch under a duvet in a living room. I pull back the duvet and I seem to be wearing a dressing gown and trousers. I also have a bottle of whisky in my hand. I hear the doorbell and R answers it. A number of people enter the room wearing fancy dress. I recognise D and some people from work. A dog jumps up on me and licks my face. We all seem to be watching a woman’s five a side football match on the TV. Although the match is on the TV it also appears to be going on in the living room. I watch as someone scores a goal in the top corner.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 8.30am