Within the dream I suddenly wake up and grab my notepad in order to transcribe the dream. However, I am told by a voice that it is now illegal to transcribe dreams and I am going to be arrested. I am forced to start at the beginning of the dream and walk in orderly queue along with the other dream characters.

I now find myself in an office and I may be at work. I am sitting on the floor making a small cardboard model of a computer workstation. The model has my company logo on it. I finish and think that the desk may be for a mouse. There is a teacher supervising my work but I can hear people outside the room. They are waiting on me. They seem to have alcohol. I realise I am younger in this dream.

I walk out of the room to meet the people outside. We walk up the street to a park where there is a photography exhibition. The photographs are in 3D. Each photograph has at least one part of it made out of coloured cardboard. There is a photograph of a landscape with a tent in the foreground. The tent is a cardboard cut out attached to the actual photo. There are many other different designs and I take photographs of each one for inspiration.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Bed: 12.40am
Time Recorded: 5.00am