I am in a large theatre on stage. I seem to be part of a photography class or group. Each person in the class is sharing their work however we are all impressed by one girl in particular. She has just set up her equipment and set, photographed her subjects and printed the photographs in record time. I nudge the person next to me and say: these are the type of photographs I’ve always wanted to take. The man next to me says: no problem, I will show you. I didn’t realise before but he is in fact the teacher of the class. He sets up the lights and set on stage. I realise that all I seem to be doing is holding a large metal pole. It is not long before we are interrupted by a large group entering the theatre. They seem to be a choir or singing class and they have paid more than us and therefore now entitled to the hall. Everyone in the photography class gathers up their equipment and exists the stage through the back. The teacher takes the metal pole from me and launches it up on a large storage area above. We hear someone shout above us and it seems the area is also sleeping quarters. A light is turned on and around fifty people have camped out and are sleeping there. I note that each one of them is wearing headphones.

I turn around and start speaking to a woman stood next to me. She seems to be wise. I look over in the corner and the teacher is crouched down crying. He is mumbling something: I can’t come on a Tuesday and the class will have to be moved. The wise woman decides she will take the class. She stands up and gives a speech. She seems to be mimicking John Cleese or a Monty python sketch however I do not find it amusing. A swimming pool has now appeared in front of us. Another dream character enters. He is wearing a mask and he is leading others (also wearing masks) into the pool and out the other end.

A boy is now body popping (very slowly and badly) outside a shop. A crowd has gathered and they appear to be impressed. The surroundings change and I am now in a shopping centre. The boy shows the crowd two remote controlled cars. He sets them off and it seems one of the cars is being driven by a miniature Hulk Hogan.

I am walking out of my house which appears to be a house myself and R now own. We are living in a suburbia. I am in the car park looking for a car to steal However, I cannot seem to find one. A man pulls up in a red mini. It is our next door neighbour. He has three white cats in his car. I watch as he lifts them out of the car and they scamper into the house. I wake up.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 7.25am