I am at work sitting at my desk. I look around and everything seems to be identical to how it looks in real life. I notice that we have two people visiting the office however I begin to panic as the three computers next to them are showing pornographic screen savers. I jump out of my seat and run over and turn the monitors off.

A little later I am at my parents house which is unfamiliar to me. I seem to be putting clothes onto a table. I go into the kitchen and open a cupboard and notice that there is a brand new fridge there. The fridge needs to be installed but I am unable to move it. I walk back into the living room and the TV is on. There is a band playing music on the TV. The actual song is quite good but I do not recognise it. I switch on the video recorder and press record even though I don’t have a video recorder. I seem to be recording the song so that I can play it back later and copy the guitarist.

I am now in a car with a woman who I do not recognise. We seem to be secret agents or something similar. There is a man running toward the car. He is dressed in an all in one black Lycra suit which is also covering his face. We drive off but he is too fast and he smashes through the back window and lands in the back seat. I manage to disarm him which gives us time to escape. We run out of the car and the man chases us onto a bowling green. I wake up.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 11.30am