I am planning a trip to Newcastle by car with a girl. The girl appears to be my girlfriend even although I don’t have one. She is now driving the car. I look over and realise that she is wasted on magic mushrooms. She tells me to head back to our room and get something for her.

I go back to the room and I notice a severed head lying on the floor. I look back at the door which I had left open and someone is looking in. I ask the man what he wants. However, he walks away without answering me (I wasn’t sure if it  was his head or not).

I do not seem phased by the fact I have just seen a severed head. I therefore decide I should hide it in case the police come looking for it later on. I wrap it in a towel and place it in a plastic bag under the bed. I am now satisfied that no one would ever look there. I leave the room and make my way back to the car.