I walked into a public toilet. A girl follows me in. I am a bit wary of her therefore instead of going to the toilet I sit up on top of a ledge and observe the girl. The girl is looking for someone she looks under the cubicle doors but cannot find the person. A Pakistani man walks in and walks over to the sink and starts urinating. The girl walks up behind him and stands there watching him. This doesn’t bother the man as he has no penis he is just urinating from a hole in his crouch area. The girl looks at me angrily then leaves.

I walk out the door after her but she is nowhere to be seen. There is a door opened at the end of the hall. I walk over to it and look in. The whole room is a massive drink cabinet. There are cabinets against all of the four walls, every space is filled with a bottle of alcohol. In the centre of the room there is a glass table. I stand on a chair at the door and pull on a black leather chain above my head. The room starts to rotate and the chair moves around with it.