I am standing in a long queue at the bank waiting to see a teller. I am second from the end. The male behind me is eating a subway sandwich. He starts to touch me with his leg, rubbing his leg up and down mine. I turn around and ask him what he thinks he is doing because he is freaking me out. He says something like “its cool don’t worry”. However I am worried. I look down at my leg and notice I have some of the contents of his sandwich on my leg. I finally get to the front of the queue. As I move towards the teller the same male tries to push in front of me. I tell him where to go. I ask the teller if I can please have my loan deferred for at least a month. The teller refuses.

I leave the bank and stand with a group of people overlooking a view of an unknown city. I am quite high up. A stranger appears and starts to set up his camera on a tripod beside us. I am jealous and not to be outdone I start setting up my own. We are both taking pictures of a sunrise. However the view keeps randomly changing with the moon appearing and disappearing. The stranger has no trouble keeping up with all the changes and seems to be taking good pictures, unlike myself.

I believe my pictures are going to turn out fuzzy and out of focus. My tripod is very low to the ground for my last photo. The ground in front of me now seems to be full of miniature white Greek houses. These houses begin to light up bright orange and start sparking like fireworks or the sparks from welding. The sparks land on my camera and also on myself. The sparks do not go anywhere near the other person.