I came home to my flat.  There was no one in. I had just been at a Dandy Warhols concert although I have no recollection of anything they played.  It is strange that there is no one here.  In my living room there are three beds and a type of reception area which wasn’t there when I left the flat earlier.  I am wondering why she is not home.  I start shouting her name, but no one answers.  I look in all the rooms except the room next to mine.  She is not there.  I shout again and I here a faint voice coming from the room next to mine saying “yes” but I don’t pay any attention to it.  I still think there is no one here.

I went into my bedroom and into my bed. I heard the phone ring in the living room.  It must be her.  I rushed through but someone beats me to it and answers the phone.  It is a male I have never seen before.  I go back to my room.  The phone goes again.  I go through again but the same male answers the phone.  I do not wait to find out who is on the phone and go back to my room.

A few minutes later, the person whose voice called out to me in the next room comes into mine.  She is a French exchange student but unfortunately she is ugly. She stands in the doorway looking at me. She had dirty light brown/blonde hair which seemed to be tied up on top but there are bits left at the sides.  She starts up a conversation. She had just arrived in this country and moved into my flat that very night, although I have no recollection of advertising for a flat mate.

She told me what she is going to be doing at university.  I tell her that I finished my business degree a couple of years ago, she then asked me why I am still at the university.  It was strange I did not know the reason why I was still at university. Had I been wasting my time?

She moves towards me but as she does she cut one of her fingers on the door. However, she still continues to walk towards me with blood dripping out of her finger.  She goes over to the wall and places her index finger on the wall. She had left a bloody dot. She continues her journey towards me and lies down on my bed next to me.

I look at the wall where she place her finger and blood starts to spread all over that wall originating from the bloody spot.  But it does not scare me because it does not look like blood.  It is too light to be blood and it is sparkling, flashing red in different wallpaper patterns. This turns me on and I start to think about having sex with her.  I start to visualise it in my head but it repulses me.

We both move through to the kitchen and sit down at the table with the boy who answers the phone.  The boy starts the conversation. He said that he went to a concert tonight. I asked him whom he had seen but I don’t recognise the name.

The boy is beginning to annoy me for a number of reasons. Firstly, I dount he actually went to a concert, he annoys me for answering my phone, he annoys me for being in my flat uninvited and just now he is annoying me since he speaking to the French girl. She seems to like him more than me.

To get a reaction I start a conversation arguing that I think all women should walk about with their breasts showing.  To my disappointment the French girl agrees with me. I am upset I leave the table.

I decided to walk out the flat and leave them to it. I walked across to the halls of residence at the other side of the road.  I walk into the first flat uninvited. It appears to be empty. I decide to have a shower. I go in search for a towel. I can see three drawers floating in the air in front of me. I grab the drawer and place it on the floor. Why is there no clean spoons? I ask myself. The drawer has an abundance of spoons but not one is clean. I rake and rummage in the drawer spreading the spoons around, but all the spoon are disgusting, they all seemed to have white dirty handles and are rusty.  Even the pure white plastic ones are rusty.  I decide on one of the less dirty plastic ones and take it with me to the shower.