Last night I went to an amusement park with M, however Dave from CB hotel in Sydney was there at the same time as us. I noticed that he had a gun so we ran away as fast as we could. Dave gave chase. We eventually lost him and made it back home. I opened the door to my house and I noticed that there was three red back spiders staring back at me. M ran in the house and killed them all.

There is a knock at our door and I look around and I realise that I am staying in a flat on Cowdenbeath high street. I get up and answer the door. The person at the door asks if I know anything about model trains. I become suspicious of him and do not believe that he is interested in model trains. After a while I notice that the man is South African. I soon becomes apparent that his real reason for knocking at my door is that he wants to stay with me. I refuse him entry but my mother comes to the door and seems to know him. My mother leaves the flat and walks across the road to my Aunts house who also seems to be staying in Cowdenbeath.