I am taking part in a long distance run. It is being held in Istanbul and it seems to be part of a Liverpool football club DVD. I can see Kenny Dalglish with a large handlebar moustache standing on a football pitch. He signals for the race to begin. I start running but I hear Kenny shout to his coach at the front of the pack to stop everyone and bring them back. The reason is no one is a professional runner and we all started the race at too fast a pace. However, we all keep running. I can see two Liverpool players in an old kit running at the front. Someone tries to slow them down as they are also running too fast. As I turn a corner one of the players has stopped as he seems to be exhausted. The other player stops as well to join him at the side of the road. I keep running but seem to go the wrong way. I turn around and all the runners are heading down some stairs so I follow them.

A little later I am involved in a game or a magic show. I think R is also involved in the show. We are taught a trick where we flick a stone with our back turned to the audience and knock another stone of a perch behind us. R manages to complete the trick first time. I am successful after three attempts. I try the trick for a fourth time but there are too many Dominican children in the way. I tell them to move out the way. I can see the stone that I am suppose to hit it is now balancing on a stool about 50 yards behind me. I flick the stone anyway and I manage to knock the other stone of the stool. However, it ricochets and hits a large Dominican man on the knee. I run over to him to find out if he is okay. He seems uninjured and happy that I managed to knock the stone off the stool.

I am now in a large room trying to sleep but I know I have to get up soon. I think B is in a bed next to me. There is a couple in a bed further down the room. It is now 5am and someone has put on the light. I shout over to him: look it is 5am in the morning can you put the light out? I cant sleep with the light on. The light goes out but just as I settle back down to sleep two girls enter the room and tell me they are here to collect me and take me to work. I seem to be a miner or have a similar job. I get angry and start shouting at the girls as I do not want to get up. However, I drag myself out of bed and go in the shower. However, it becomes awkward as I fell vulnerable as the shower curtain isn’t covering the whole shower and keeps moving. I look down and I seem to be showering with my clothes on. Suddenly the lights go out and some security guards come into the shower to see if I am okay. I tell them I am fine.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 7.30am