I am in work sitting at a computer however the room resembles a classroom with long desks in rows all facing forward. I am in the room on my own.*

I am now in a different room. I am sitting cross legged on the floor ready to meditate. There is a poster or board in front of me with Turkish words written on it. There is one word on each line. I choose a word from the middle and use it as a mantra. After a short while I get an incredible feeling of power which is too much as it propels me about 10 yards across the room and I end up under a table.

From underneath the table I watch my mother give a speech or presentation. She walks over to the sink and puts water from the tap into a large fizzy drinks bottle. The water mixes with whatever was already in the bottle and creates a watered down chocolate milkshake.

I am now sitting across from a large telescreen. There is a mirror above the screen. My mother is sitting to my left. I am distracted by the mirror and keep looking into it to check my appearance. However, I only do this when my mother is not looking. A video is playing on the TV screen or it may in fact be a computer as there is a website browser at the top. On the video people are describing dreams that they have had however I cannot make out the name of the website. One girl is describing her dream from the night before and she is dressed as a mouse. I seem to be watching a live webcam link.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Bed: 1.00am
Time Recorded: 7.25-7.50am
Notes: *I remembered very little of the dream on waking – only the first paragraph. The remaining details of the dream came to me when I looked in the bathroom mirror.