I was visiting a department store specialising in antiques. I stood for a minute watching two girls putting some things in the storeroom. They had finished their shift and are on their way home. Suddenly the lights flicker in the store. I become aware of his presence. Hannibal is here. Everyone in the store knows he is here, there is sheer panic and I could see the terror in everyone’s eyes. However they must not worry though since it is me he has come for. I see him, he grabs one of the girls near the storeroom and drags her into a room. The other girl runs. I do likewise. The girl runs past me and I follow her down the stairs. We both stop running due to exhaustion and walk. I am still behind her when someone stands in her path and convinces her that he knows a short cut. He takes her to a side exit which I know is not a short cut never mind a way out. I do not stop her. I let the man lead her away. I know the man is taking her to his master, Hannibal, but I must save myself.

I finally get to the ground floor. I stopped and looked around the store at all the people. Everyones face had been horribly burned by acid, some of them had parts of their bodies chewed off. I become distracted and take out my camera to take photographs of the horrific scene. I am nearly sick and stop taking pictures and run out of the store.

There was a café outside. I sat down at one of the tables where I am joined by two of my friends who had been waiting on me. There were a lot of people sitting around me. The person sitting at the next table looked familiar. He was turned sideways and was hiding his face with his hand. I shout over to him “what are you hiding”. He drops his hand to reveal a badly scarred face. This triggers my memory and I realise I am on the run. This is a set-up, it’s a trap I must go.

One of my friends runs out on the street to hail a cab and narrowly avoids being run over by a passing car. Myself and my other friend follow him. However we wait at the pavement. He eventually manages to stop one. The driver of the cab gets out and starts shooting at us. We dive behind some bins. He laughs and puts his gun away then tells us to get in his cab. It is one of those mini bus taxi’s and the three of us take a seat in the back. A tall thin man tries to get in the back with us but the taxi driver pulls out his gun and shoots him in the head. The taxi pulls away from the kerb at great speed.

About 100 yards down the road the thin man re-appears alongside the taxi. He grabs the taxi driver through the window and pulls him outside the cab. We see them fighting on the road as the taxi keeps moving. There is no driver however the taxi seems to be on automatic. My friend grabs the wheel from over the seat while my other friend jumps in the front passenger seat and stretches over to reach the brake. Their efforts are in vain and the taxi is out of control. As a last gasp effort I push my foot through the front seat and manage to reach the brake. This brings the taxi to a complete stop.

We start walking up a hill towards an airport. We reach some steps which lead underground. We start running down the steps since we realise there is a plane about to leave. We ask the attendant how much it is to Canada. It is too expensive and none of us can afford it. She tells us about a much cheaper plane which is leaving in 2 minutes, its going to Venice. I rake in my pockets to get my money and pull out some crumpled notes, I ask my friends how much they have but they have vanished. I realise someone is watching me.