I am in a harbour. There are massive fences around the edges of the pier. I look out to sea and I see a huge shark jumping up at the fence. The shark comes in close to the pier. As I walk past the shark it is getting more and more restless and is getting more and more aggressive. It is trying to smash the fence although I believe I am safe.

All of a sudden the shark manages to knock part of the fence over and is able to come onto the pier. A lifeguard or security guard runs towards the fence and jumps on it in order to push the fence back but he is dragged in the water. The lifeguard manages to save himself by putting part of the fence or a piece of railing in the shark’s mouth and he lets the shark push him back onto the pier. The shark then escapes and flies off into the air. Everyone runs in panic as the shark has now bitten two people. The majority of people including myself hide in a bus depot as we see the shark flying overhead.