I am in a hotel. There are three of us and we seem to be on a tour of the hotel. I stop and wait outside one of the rooms and I can hear the hotel manager speak to two male guests. He advises them that businessmen can bring their own mattress. As he continues to speak I wander into another room which is occupied by two foreigners.

A little later I find myself near Beath High School on Stenhouse Street. I can see my sister cycling to school in an attempt to keep fit. I wander into the school grounds and there seems to be a charity event going on in the car park. A big crowd has gathered and many people seem to be in fancy dress. There are people washing cars. I realise I don’t really have any money on me. I walk into the school and into a classroom. It is a small class and I seem to be distracted by the writing I find in my notebook which is unrelated to the subject of the class. I quickly realise that I am now behind as I haven’t been paying attention to the teacher. I ask the person next to me if he is finished his work. He is older than me and probably in his 40’s with long blonde hair. He says: yes i’ve finished. Since he is finished he is just wasting time until the class ends. I realise I have to do some work tonight in order to catch up. I empty my bag onto the table and notice that I have hidden some credit cards inside a book.

I am now in the public park in Cowdenbeath. I watch P cycle up the hill at the back of my parents house. I try to follow him up the hill on foot but it is too difficult. The ground is muddy and the hill is just too steep. I stop and seem to fall forward.

I am now sitting on a sculpture which is square and made of wood. I can see B and he throws a pair of underpants onto a plank of wood.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 7.20am