I was sitting in a room waiting to get a massage.  I could see some people who were already getting a massage as the next room has an open archway with no curtain.  The massage beds seemed to be normal beds with duvet covers.  Someone shouts my name. It is my turn. I notice the woman who is giving the massages is young, with long light brown hair and she is naked. I get excited. However, when I go in for my turn the person before me is just getting out of his bed and he is naked.  He puts on his clothes and leaves.  The young woman also leaves and an old ugly nurse replaces her.  The nurse tells me to take down my pants as she has to do a test before I can have a massage.  I refuse at first but I compromise and take them down only half way.

The test involves her shoving her hand down my front and putting a sharp needle into my penis. This needle is attached to a machine. Although my penis is bleeding I can feel no pain.

A print out comes out of another machine. The nurse looks at it and tells me that I have ME.  I tell her that I used to have ME but not anymore, she has made a mistake.  She hands me the printout and goes out the room.  I look at the printout and see that it says I still have traces of ME in my system.  I am annoyed about this.  It also says that I have 4 other viruses.  They are numbered in order and run sideways across the page.  They are long names, made up I think, although two of them are spelt similar to ecoli which is what I recognise them as.  But I don’t understand what the other two are and want them explained.  One in particular really annoys me and when the nurse eventually comes back in I point to the first virus and ask her what it is.  She doesn’t tell me as she explains it’s a secret only the doctors know. I feel faint and collapse.

When I awake I am in one of the beds. I turn to my left and the young nurse from earlier is lying beside me naked.

Dreaming Location: Fife