I am back at school sitting in class.  I notice that our desks are very old fashioned, wooden, with the lift up lids.  I open up my desk and start looking through a magazine. I notice an advert for a male sex masturbatory aid.  I have no idea how to describe it as it seems to be phallic and solid. I show the advert to the person sitting next to me who I assume is my friend.  A Chinese girl who is sitting next to him tells me that she has seen one before. I don’t believe her.  She says she bought one for her boyfriend the other day. She is lying.

I decide to move seats. I go over to the left hand side of the class against the wall. A boy across from me tries to explain to the class the purpose of today.  He tells us we have an exam paper in front of us. He sits down to a round of applause.  He starts to cry.

When school finishes I go with my mother to a market. My mother tells me that I need new underwear. I tell her that I want Next underwear but doubt that she will be able to get it here.  But to my surprise the first stall we come to has next boxer shorts (exactly like the ones I bought two days ago).  I think they are second hand though.  In fact I realise that all the clothes that this stall is selling look exactly like my clothes.  I recognise my grey work shirt.  The underwear is probably mine.  There are other things, a pair of jeans.  I therefore confront the stall owner with them who is a young woman.  However, every time I show her a piece of clothing and tell her it is mine, as if by magic the label changes or some other detail changes to make me think that it is not mine. I am confused as I was really convinced that all the clothes were mine. I put them back and walk away from the stall.