Last night I was an architect and a good one at that. I had prepared these amazing plans for a contraption of enormous glamour. I gave an outdoor presentation to some people but during I realised it is all a conspiracy as no one is interested. One person in the crowd had ‘sold me down the river’ so to speak and sold these plans behind my back. Therefore everyone had seen them before.

I noticed the culprit in the crowd and gave chase. It was a blonde-haired girl. I thought that I knew her. She sprinted through a massive park. She was fast and must have been an athlete as I found it difficult keeping up with her. She entered the front of a house and I followed. She headed straight for the back door but as she opened it I grabbed her. It was like she wanted me to catch her, she had given up.

I drag her onto a bed. I want to teach her a lesson for what she had done. The first part of the lesson was to shag her up the arse. However her arsehole was too tight. I kept jamming my penis at her arse but to no avail. She actually told me that it was too tight and I would never be able to get it in there. However I was determined. I tried again and again. Finally she changed her position and just at the point where it looked likely to go in there was a knock at the front door. I hid under the covers. Someone was looking in through the glass window of the door. I could see who it was. It was my ex girlfriend and she is wearing a nurse’s uniform. She wants us to leave the room as she has to clean it. As I looked around I realised that I was in a hospital.