I am driving in the snow around a corner when I stop suddenly. There is a fish at the side of the road. The fish is alive and doesnt seem to need water to survive. I do not move the car as I don’t want to run it over. A car stops behind me. The driver gets out the car and I recognise him as Mr Brown. He asks me aggressively what I am doing. I tell him I have stopped the car because there is a fish on the road. This just infuriates him and he kicks a banana across to the other side of the road. The fish flaps toward the banana and starts eating it. Mr Brown gets in his car and drives off.

I look over again at the fish. I watch as the fish finishes the banana and jumps over a wall onto the roof of a house. I get in my car and drive off.

A little later I am in the same car but this time in the back seat. I am joined by two others however there is no one in the drivers seat. We are waiting on a work collegue who I can see in the distance. He is talking to some people who I do not know. A girl in the car becomes impatient and from the back seat puts the car in reverse and someone manages to reverse the car.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 8.00am