I appear to be a prisoner in a house.  I seem to be plotting my escape. I am aware that other people are being held in the house but I seem to be the only one who has the ability to make a break for it.

An old woman walks into my room. She seems to need the toilet. I point her in the direction of the toilet. She walks in thanking me.

I am now in a public park lying on the grass with a few others. The old woman is throwing red golf balls or small sponge balls over the toilet cubicle and they are landing near us. I get up and start collecting all the balls. However, there are that many that other people start stealing them including the squirrels. I lay back down on the grass with a pile of red balls in front of me. I begin to shield them with my arms as I can see a dog pounding toward me. I try to protect the balls but the dog bites my arm and I feel the pain. The dog runs away with a ball in its mouth. The dog decides to come back again this time it attacks me more viciously biting and knawing at my arms. I look up and I am surrounded by a crowd of people who start helping themselves to the red balls. I stand up and walk through the crowd shouting, punching and pushing everyone in my way. I get arrested and end up back in the house as a prisoner.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 8.00am