I was listening to some Music cassettes through the Video with J. and my sister. I am really conscious of the television which is on a cabinet with the video underneath.  I get up from my seat and go to change the tape because it is J. type music. In doing so I move two books which are on top of the cabinet at the right side of the TV.  Now the spines of the books are showing and James notices the titles.  He becomes interested in one of the books which I think is some kind of memory book, how to remember things etc. I don’t know what the other book is.  He smugly asked me why I have got a book on memory. This really annoys me as usual.  I point out to him that I used it to pass my degree and my work exams.  He is still not convinced.  I tell him how do you think I got honours for my degree.  He is genuinely surprised that I got honours because he didn’t know.  I brag about passing my work exams again in three months because he was sitting them as well.  But he isn’t listening anymore.

Dreaming Location: Fife