I am staying at our second home and realise that it is not our main home and I should go back. I am with R and we seem to have been away for a while and forgotten that we have another house. I park the car outside the house and open the door. I walk into the living room and there are around 50 people sitting on the floor. The people seem to have been using my house as a squat or hostel. I look around and there is no furniture in the house. The squatters seem to have been aware that I was due to arrive today as they are all packed and ready to leave. I say to everyone: OK, its time to go. As the people get up and walk toward the living room door I close the door and say: I just need you all to pay your bill first. Everyone looks at me surprised however I am only joking and do not expect anyone to pay.

I start speaking to a Scottish man named Craig. He has been staying at my house and I ask him some questions. I find out he is from Kilmarnock although he lives in Leith in Edinburgh. He writes down his phone number in case there are any problems with my house. However, he finds this difficult or he may not want to give me his number. I tell him I will put it directly into my mobile. I type in the code 0151 but the awkwardness of the dream takes over and I am unable to enter the full number. I keep asking Craig what his number is however he always avoids the subject.

Someone knocks at the front door so I answer it. It is an elderly lady who may be my grandmother. The woman walks in uninvited and completely ignores me. As she walks in she says: there is a car in the driveway. I begin to get frustrated as people seem to be forgetting that this is my house. Eventually, everyone leaves my house. I look out of the window and I can see a man beating up his children on the street. The children run away and he gives chase. I follow him. The children run into a cafe and someone turns out the lights. Myself and R sit down in the doorway of the cafe. Eventually, the man appears and stumbles his way outside. He seems to be drunk and has clearly shat himself.

A little later I run back to the flat through Beath High School playing fields. The playing fields seem strange as there is hardly any grass left and they seem to be used as farmers fields. I stop and walk the last 100 yards to my house. I look down and I am holding a Sea bass. A man shouts on me therefore I stop and turn around. I notice that he as two massive fish in his hands. I think to myself that I have never seen fish like these before. One of the fish is a large flat fish the man tells me the name of the fish however I cannot retain the information. He then asks me if I want to wash my fish in his bucket of water. I wash the fish and walk off.

I am now back in my house getting ready for bed. I hear someone putting a key in the front door. The person seems to be doing this quietly. I watch as a girl walks into the house carrying a bag of chips. I ask her what she thinks she is doing. However, the girl ignores me and keeps walking. She pretends that she cannot see me. I become frustrated again as this is my house.

For some reason I also remember a man jumping from a helicopter onto a snow covered mountain.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time Recorded: 11.00am