I was in a swamp area. There were two or three of us jumping in the water but we realised that there were crocodiles about. We didn’t care.  Someone was narrating.  I was part of a wildlife programme.  The narrator told the audience of the problems of humans taking the crocodiles out of their natural habitat in the south and bringing them to the north (which is where we were filming) The main problem with doing this is that they usually turn on humans.  The others disappear and left me to swim on my own. I suddenly became aware of the crocodiles. They were coming towards me. I quickly get out of the water and run.

However, the crocodiles gave chase. They had evolved in the few seconds it took me to get out of the water and now they are humanoids. I hid from them up a very high tree. I must have been up there for hours as I fell asleep. I awake to hear people shouting on me.  I look down.  It is the people that were with me before they had come to look for me.  I shout at them to tell them where I am and get down from the tree.

I follow them to a nearby village. I knew it was a trap however I continued to follow them. We arrived at a hut.  A crowd had gathered outside they had been waiting on me getting there.  I was to be wed.  There were a few men getting married all against their will.  They were all being forced to marry one of the now evolved crocodile creatures.  I was watching a marriage in progress when I  glanced over at my future crocodile wife and realised it wasn’t that bad looking. I see my ex-girlfriend coming over to me.  She was crying. She told me that the crocodile is really ugly and I’m making a big mistake. I told her I have no choice I am destined to marry and live with a crocodile for the rest of my life.

Dreaming Location: Fife