I walked into my bedroom and Mandy from Hollyoaks was there on my bed. There was also a chef in the room cooking pasta over my bed.  I offered her some alcohol but she refused. I therefore put the bottle on the bedside cabinet next to her. She picked up a glass with some green liquid in it and said to me aggressively “you have put alcohol in this haven’t you”.  I hadn’t opened the bottle yet.  She put it back down without drinking it got under my covers.  I turned my attention to the chef cooking.  I watched him as he put a small amount of pasta on my plate. I said thanks and started to eat it.  I politely asked mandy if she wanted some.  However, when I looked up she already had some pasta.  It was much more than what I got.  I looked at my plate again.  It looked like some kind of long fungus type broccoli. I put my plate on the floor and got into bed.

Dreaming Location: Fife