I am in a cinema which may also be a church. R is with me and we sit down. As soon as I sit down I notice a group of girls who seem to have a problem with us. I go over to them and sit down on the floor. I ask them why they have a problem with us. Two of the girls explain what is wrong. I shake one of their hands but the girls right hand feels strange.

I go back to my seat and the people sitting next to me are smoking which makes me feel ill. However, it is not long before they get up and walk away. R is still sitting on her seat but I get up again and go to the back of the cinema. I am waiting on my mother and father arriving as they are due any moment.

I can see my mother arrive. She is wearing a red dressing gown and appears to be acting strangely. She walks straight up to the front of the cinema and up onto the stage. She proceeds to give a slurred speech. As she speaks the dressing gown becomes undone and she is naked underneath. This is embarrassing and I urge my father to go up on stage and get her. However, she continues to speak unaware of the problem. She says: I know Kevin has his own thing today but I am here at the cinema.

I am now in a shopping mall. I wander around with R. We walk into what seems to be a supermarket. There are people selling stolen beer. I talk to someone who has just bought some beer. I recognise the person as someone from school. He says: the beer is flat. I feel sorry for him as he walks out. I look at the change from my pocket but realise I don’t really have any money to give to him. I decide to go after the man and take him back into the supermarket. However, he has now transformed into a young girl. I get the impression the girl is under 18 so I may have trouble buying alcohol for her. As I wander around two men stop me and ask where I got a book. The book I have allows you to choose how the story ends. I point over to WH Smiths. The men wander off in that direction. I continue walking and we bump into A who seems to be a security guard. He hands me an ID card. I pick up some items and I look carefully at the girls ID. I compare it to a poster of an ID card on the wall. It seems similar and genuine but I am still not convinced. I walk through a door but I appear to have dropped something. I go back and a woman says to me: I think you dropped something. I looked down but there is nothing there. She continues: Someone also said that you had pissed yourself. I become offended and deny that I had pissed myself. I walk away from her.

I now appear to be sitting on a bench inside a bus shelter. I am drinking something through a straw. Two kids come up to me and ask for my drink . I tell the to get lost. They run away but I run after them and kick one up the arse. They both run into a shop to find their mother. The mother comes out and confronts me. However, she doesn’t seem to blame me for kicking one of them.

I now find myself in my grandmothers old house in Natal Place. I am in the living room which appears to be filled with water. There is someone fishing with a net. The person, who I do not recognise, has just caught a handful of goldfish in the net. He shows me the fish and hands me the net. I put the net into the water but don’t know how to use it. Eventually it becomes clear that I have to pull a lever on the net which closes it like a bear trap. I pull the net out of the water and I seem to have caught some goldfish. I put them in my hand. I look down and the water is now gone so I sit down on the couch. Russell Brand has appeared in front of me. I seem to be friendly with him. He is holding a metal chain and I make a joke that it looks like something you would wear as a necklace. I talk to Russell for a while however he soon becomes distracted by the TV. I watch him change channels on the TV by touching the screen with his hand. I think to myself that I didn’t realise you could change channels just by touching the screen. My sister is now sitting next to me. I do not see her but just become aware of her presence. Russell puts on a horror film and I do an impression of Kenneth Williams. The impression was extremely good and Russell and my sister both laugh. My Sister suggests she may do a project on Kenneth Williams for school but I convince her not to.

Dreaming Location: Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Time recorded: 9.00am