An ex-girlfriend enters my room and tells me she wants to have sex with me. The next thing I know I turn around and she is lying naked on my bed. I get into bed with her and touch her body. She tells me that it is 9.30 and I will be late for work. I turn to look at the clock. It was 9.31.

I run downstairs where my mother is sitting at the kitchen table. I tell her I’m late for work and I need an excuse. She tells me just to phone in sick. I take the phone and call my work. A girl called Michelle answers. I can hear music in the background. I take the phone out into the hall as I think there is a better reception there. I notice that my father has written something on the wallpaper in a black marker. I think it says porno. I throw the phone down and take a porn video out of my bag. I look inside the case but I realise that someone must be watching it. I become frustrated.